Periodontal Medicine and Surgery

Periodontal Medicine includes non-surgical treatment and management of periodontal diseases, oral mucosal diseases, and periodontal inflammation. Periodontal Surgery includes the correction of oral hard and soft issue defects, and the surgical therapy of dental implants as well as associated dentoalveolar bone.

Scientific evidence shows that people with periodontal disease are at a higher risk for developing heart disease, stroke, uncontrolled diabetes, pre-term or low birth weight infancy complications, and respiratory disease. Periodontal bacteria can also enter the blood stream and travel to major organs, beginning or contributing to other organ problems.

According to a 2011 article in the Journal of Periodontology*, approximately half of the U.S. population over the age of 30 has inflammatory periodontitis. These figures were confirmed again in a 2012 study in which 47.2% of Americans were found to have periodontal disease. The bottom line is that disease patterns are becoming more prevalent and complex. Saving teeth is important for your well-being and requires more complex management, including a team effort that goes far beyond probing depth assessment and x-ray review.

Working alongside your dentist, we can offer a specialized level of knowledge, skill and expertise whether you are in earlier stages of gum disease, have moderate to severe levels of periodontal disease, or need more significant efforts to achieve or restore your oral health.

*Albander, JM. Underestimation of Periodontitis in NHANES Surveys. J Periodontol 2011; 82(3):337-341.