Single Tooth Implant

Below is an example of a single tooth replacement, using an implant. The bone support was adequate for implant installation. The strategy for this patient was to replace the failing natural tooth with a dental implant. At the time of surgery, an index was obtained. This index accurately identifies the location of the implant relative to adjacent teeth. While the patient is healing, the restorative dentist makes a provisonal tooth to be inserted at the time of the second stage. Because the precise location of the implant is known, minimally invasive surgery can be performed. Access to the implant is achieved and the provisional restoration is placed. This enables the dentist to modify the shape and form consistent with patient satisfaction. When this is completed the dentist inserts the final restoration.

X-ray view
X-ray view
X-ray view of upper right central incisor. Note how the tooth has dissolved away (resorption).
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