Dental Implantology

Dental implants are artificial tooth replacements that were first developed half a century ago by a Swedish scientist named Per-Ingvar Branemark. Implants arose from the patient’s need to secure loose-fitting dentures. Since the advent of the implant, engineering and enhancements to the implant have enabled dentists to expand the implant’s usefulness, including the replacement of missing or lost teeth. Today, implant techniques provide a wide range of tooth replacement solutions including single tooth, anterior, posterior and full upper replacement.

Periodontal Medicine and Surgical Specialists, LTD is able to offer tooth replacement that is more immediate, predictable and effective thanks to advances in implant surfaces and component interfaces. Dental implant surgery takes advantage of scientific innovations in tissue engineering and guided wound healing so that therapies are less invasive and therefore gentler.

Periodontal Medicine and Surgical Specialists, LTD pioneered the use of CT scans for diagnosis and treatment, and continue to use the most advanced CBCT imaging technology available today to set new standards for quality of care. Our leading-edge technology enables the collaborative process between the restorative doctor, implant surgeon, laboratory technologist and you, which results in improved outcomes. Periodontal Medicine and Surgical Specialists, LTD has been recognized worldwide for its expertise in implantology. The practice has helped set the educational and professional standards for the use of CT scans for diagnostic purposes, surgical treatment planning, computer-guided implant placement and determination of prosthetic outcomes.

Images courtesy of Testori T, Galli F, Del Fabbro M. Immediate Loading. Quintessence, 2011.